Image of Womens Ghostbusters Venkman Romper Costume

Womens Ghostbusters Venkman Romper Costume

Who are you gonna call this Halloween when the ghosts and monsters come your way? Why, the Ghostbusters, of course! Even those who don’t believe in ghosts would have a hard time defending their point of view to the Ghostbusters. They are masters at catching and eradicating ghosts that are unwelcome and they’ll stop at nothing to make sure you believe them!Being a Ghostbuster is very expensive. Have you seen the kind of equipment they use? Those proton packs are HEAVY, and when something is that heavy you know it's expensive... not to mention the money it takes to rent a firehouse in New York City. But you know what isn't very expensive? This Women's Ghostbusters Venkman Romper! It's a standard Ghostbusters uniform for women, and once you put it on you'll be ready to get bustin' all things that go bump in the night. Just remember: don't cross the streams!This officially licensed Ghostbusters costume is perfect for a night on the town or for the fangirl’s everyday collection! The tan jumpsuit has an elastic waist for optimal and comfortable fit. The ankles also have elastic to keep them in place all night long. The jumspsuit also has front pockets and a ‘Venkman’ and Ghostbusters patches embroidered at the chest. Build your own proton pack and get together with Ghostbusters group for a fun look this Halloween! Not only is it a fun look, but it’s functional. After all, when better to hunt for ghosts than on Halloween night?

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