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Image of 1000W Fog Machine

1000W Fog Machine

Where would scary movies be without fog? Was there ever a classic monster who didn’t spend some time staggering through a thick bank of fog on its way to terrify the townsfolk? Just about every car that’s broken down on a lonely country road just...

Image of 100lbs Strongman Barbell Weight

100lbs Strongman Barbell Weight

One Two One TwoYour muscles are majestic. They’re like the eighth wonder of the world! You could flex your muscles at a carnival and it would be a million dollar act! Only the truly worthy should get to see them working at 100% power! That’s...

Image of 100 Silk Screen Maple Leaves in a Canister Decorations

100 Silk Screen Maple Leaves in a Canister Decorations

Don't Ever LeafHalloween isn't all about fright, right? It's also about enjoying the (in our opinion, best) season—Fall! Because really, is there anything better than Fall? The pumpkin patches, the hot apple cider, the changing leaves on a long...

Image of 10" Black Crystal Eyes Cat Skeleton

10" Black Crystal Eyes Cat Skeleton

THE EYES HAVE ITYou may want to beware of this cat. Unlike most kitties, there's no need to fear her teeth or claws— this fearsome feline has bewitching eyes capable of causing more damage than a little bite or a few scratches. If you stare too...

Image of 10 Piece Colossal Pumpkin Carving Kit: Orange

10 Piece Colossal Pumpkin Carving Kit: Orange

SLICE N' DICEOn a beautiful fall weekend in October, you and the family pile into the mini-van for an autumn adventure. It's time for a trip to the local pumpkin patch so you guys can gather orange gourds for displaying on the front steps....

Image of 10 Piece Skeleton Party LED Light Set

10 Piece Skeleton Party LED Light Set

Set the mood just right this Halloween. You know what we mean. Sure, there are lots of ways to throw a spooky party, but there's one kind of specter we hold in high regard above all others. Skeletons! Sure, ghosts, goblins, and ghouls are all worthy for...

Image of 11.5'' Syringe Pen

11.5'' Syringe Pen

The Doctor Will See You NowImagine seeing a mad scientist, deranged doctor, or ghoulish nurse coming at you with a syringe full of mystery liquid—pretty horrifying, huh? It's actually a huge fear of ours, along with sloths, heights, and tin foil...

Image of 11'' Foam Claw- Silver

11'' Foam Claw- Silver

Have you ever wished that you had steel claws that could shoot from your hands? You wouldn't want them to be out all the time. You'd never be allowed to attend children's parties, the bouncy house and the balloons would be in too much danger. Boarding...

Image of 11" Skeleton Rat Halloween Decoration

11" Skeleton Rat Halloween Decoration

Mr. Cheesers lived a good life. He was a gentle rodent, had a booming family of 87 kids and enjoyed nibbling on garbage. It's a tragedy, really, that he couldn't be with the world of living any longer. The bell tolls for every rat someday! You can honor...

Image of 11th Doctor Bow Tie

11th Doctor Bow Tie

When you are a nearly-immortal alien being, with an endless understanding of the intricacies of space, inter-dimensional travel, and other wibbly wobbly, timey wimey...stuff, you can't be bothered by what you wear. You can wear a suit and tie, a leather...

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