Image of Plus Size Women's Jailbird Costume

Plus Size Women's Jailbird Costume

Being a good girl ALL the time is exhausting. You spend 364 days of the year following the rules, trying to be an upstanding citizen. Now, it’s time to use that 365th day to do whatever the heck you want! That’s right, we think you’ve been good long enough and it’s time to bend the rules a little to get what you want. Now, we’re not suggesting you commit any crimes, but we are suggesting you embrace the a little bit of your inner rebel.It starts with this Jailbird costume for women. This plus size outfit comes with a look that comes straight from prison! It has a black and white striped dress with matching fingerless gloves and hat. The belt even has toy handcuffs. All the pieces combine for a look that should have the warden keeping a close eye on you, but no worries. When you have this outfit on, you’ll embrace your inner rebel!You can walk into the party feeling confident enough to bend all the rules and social norms! Why, you might be bold enough to double dip your cracker into the snack dip. You might even tell that warden off, letting everyone know that despite being locked up, you’re the one in charge and there ain’t a copper alive that can hold you down from being the baddest girl on the planet! Just make sure you pair this dangerous look up with a pair of our black high heels, since you’re going to want a complete look the embrace your renegade attitude!

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Image of Women's Jailbird Costume

Women's Jailbird Costume

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