Image of Child Wonderland Queen Costume

Child Wonderland Queen Costume

So your child is determined to roll some heads, eh?We fully understand. Alice was a little too goody-two-shoes if you ask us. All she did was interrupt amazing games of flamingo croquet and ask incessant questions! She couldn't even figure out how to work the potions right. Alice was definitely the boring one in Wonderland. Simple dress, couldn't follow orders, and she wasn't fun to have to tea... no. If your kid is serious about going to Wonderland, they could do far better than Alice for company. Because, after all, we're talking Wonderland here. Talking animals, shrinking potions, silly songs, crazy hatters, and even smiling cats. The people of Wonderland are colorful and a bit insane, but enjoyable nonetheless.And of course, there is the grandest and perhaps maddest of them all, the Queen of Hearts herself. This lady has a thing for the color red. And for taking people's heads. Also for bossing people around and throwing a fit if no one listens. Alright, so she can be a bit dramatic, but at least her court is never dull. So if you're child is feeling like a colorful day at court, check out our Child Wonderland Queen Costume. This outfit has a pullover dress with prestigious collar, puffy sleeves, plenty of hearts, and even a gold crown. In this dress? Your kid will be to die for...

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