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Image of 0-18 Months Black Tutu with Flower

0-18 Months Black Tutu with Flower

Everyone likes to dance, no matter how young or old they are! Even if someone says they don't like dancing, they usually still end up moving to the beat once they hear it. We'll bet your baby loves dancing, too, especially with so many new kinds of music...

Image of 10.5 Inch Weighted Pumpkin

10.5 Inch Weighted Pumpkin

Did you ever notice that “pumpkin” is just one letter away from “pump-king?” Coincidence? We think not! Since this little squash, when jacked and lanterned, is the number one decoration for Halloween, not to mention the source of an...

Image of 1000W Fog Machine

1000W Fog Machine

Where would scary movies be without fog? Was there ever a classic monster who didn’t spend some time staggering through a thick bank of fog on its way to terrify the townsfolk? Just about every car that’s broken down on a lonely country road just...

Image of 100 Dollar Bill Costume

100 Dollar Bill Costume

It’s all about the Benjamins… which means it’s all about you, baby! This costume is for the confident only: no 5s, 10s or 20s for you. No, you’re all about the big bucks. Moolah. Struttin’ your stuff, secure in your position as a big spender....

Image of 108" Mossy Oak Table Runner

108" Mossy Oak Table Runner

Sometimes camouflage can be used for more than just hiding you and your stand from the deer. It can be used as some fantastic decorations for the house or more likely for the cabin. We've seen couches, blankets, chairs, and even wedding dresses (Not for...

Image of 10 Inch Nickel Pumpkin

10 Inch Nickel Pumpkin

Our alchemists have been working hard on one of the most popular endeavor since the dawn of the field. No we're not talking about the transformation of lead into gold. That was just what the tabloids told everyone. Our great minds our slaving away at...

Image of 10" Mercury Glass Skeleton Print Bottle

10" Mercury Glass Skeleton Print Bottle

We love mad science. It’s so much more fun than sane science. Whereas your sane scientist has to apply for government grants and submit their work for peer review, a mad scientist gets to spend pleasant nights outside in a cemetery with a shovel...

Image of 10" Owl Decoration

10" Owl Decoration

"Hoot hoot hoooo is eating all of the treats?"

Set up this 10" Owl Decoration at your Halloween party and you’ll have the finishing touch needed to turn your home into a woodsy witch’s cabin. While the potions brew on the stove, this little...

Image of 10" Raven Prop

10" Raven Prop

Have you ever seen Hitchcock's classic horror movie, The Birds? Have you ever ready any of Edger Allen Poe's piece about Nevermore, the raven? Have you ever been attacked by a murder of crows? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, we're sure...

Image of 11.4 Inch White Resin Halloween Pumpkin with Spider Web Lace

11.4 Inch White Resin Halloween Pumpkin with Spider Web Lace

Have you ever looked at a pumpkin and thought, wow, I have never seen a pumpkin that looks like that in all of the years that I’ve walked the planet? Well, there’s a first for everything! Each white pumpkin is covered in black spider web lace,...

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