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Image of Black Beaded Native Choker

Black Beaded Native Choker

We like beads. Like, a lot. Like, we have dreams about beads during our REM sleep. There are just so many different things that you can do them. Don't believe us? Then let us list some of the different things. You can make one of those cool car seat covers,...

Image of Long Feather Native Necklace

Long Feather Native Necklace

We envy birds, but probably not for the reason that you might be thinking. Sure, we know that they can fly and some of them even have some pretty enticing songs, but we envy them because of the feathers. That's right. The feathers. Those soft fluffy feathers!...

Image of Tan Beaded Native Choker

Tan Beaded Native Choker

Finding your own style isn't easy. But sometimes it isn't all that hard either! This tan bean native choker has a unique style that's sure to add a stylish touch to any costume. With beadwork and faux "leather" felt pieces, this piece has the feel of...

Image of Tan Native Mini Breastplate Choker

Tan Native Mini Breastplate Choker

We all know what someone means when they describe someone as "fashion forward". But what about fashion backward? It's not meant to be a slam, because it's totally when you use a historical piece to add a cutting edge to your ensemble!Now, we're not going...

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