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Image of 14" Black Skeleton Vulture

14" Black Skeleton Vulture

This one time we were at the free flight show at the aviary, and we kid you not, a vulture flew right into our head. We took it as a bad omen. But that experience feels just peachy when compared to an encounter with this 14” Black Skeleton Vulture....

Image of Black 50 inch Posable Spider - Spider Halloween Decorations

Black 50 inch Posable Spider - Spider Halloween Decorations

C’mon everyone, now. All together: the itsy bitsy spi--HOLY MOLY! That's a huge spider! That massive spider is neither itsy, nor bitsy. Yeesh. When you sweetly asked us to, “Come check out your pet spider” we were expecting, you know, something...

Image of Bones the Hungry Hound Skeleton Dog

Bones the Hungry Hound Skeleton Dog

Everyone knows that the dog is man’s best friend. A few try to argue that the cat is better, but we’re not talking about which animal is best at scratching up your furniture or meowing incessantly about going outside until it changes its mind. We’re...

Image of Creepy Cloth Spider

Creepy Cloth Spider

You can call this spider creepy all you want, but we think he is cute! Okay, we know that we're weird...but he actually is very endearing. Trust us, you will fall in love with all of his eight legs, yes even you with arachnophobia. The little guy even...

Image of Darth Vader Mister

Darth Vader Mister

We've noticed something disturbing in Halloween costume décor. It's been an issue year after year. There are plenty of witches, skeletons, even aliens in people's houses during the season. We rarely, however, see the king of all villains represented....

Image of Mini Skeleton Rat

Mini Skeleton Rat

Let's be honest for a second...rats are rather disgusting, right? They have long nasty tails, the creepy beady eyes, and those huge buckteeth. Plus, they are pretty quick little vermin and like to hang out in haunted places, like cemeteries, abandoned...

Image of Star Wars Darth Vader Light-Up Orange Pumpkin

Star Wars Darth Vader Light-Up Orange Pumpkin

Whenever Halloween comes around, we ponder the sheer usefulness of the lightsaber for pumpkin carving. It's a precise, elegant tool that would easily make the best cuts, plus, if you are careful enough, you can leave the guts in there and cook the sides...

Image of Star Wars Stormtrooper Light-Up Black Pumpkin

Star Wars Stormtrooper Light-Up Black Pumpkin

The empire has started to get a little more strict about their rebel hunting policies. Now they require all households to show their allegiance by adorning the front of their house with imperial symbols so they know that you don't support the scum. Initially...

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