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Image of Digital Dudz Creepy Doll Face Shirt

Digital Dudz Creepy Doll Face Shirt

Old baby dolls are creepy, there's no arguing that fact. Haunted old baby dolls? Now that enters a whole new realm of terrifying. Make people shriek when they notice that the doll's eyes on your shirt are moving. Just download the app and stick your phone...

Image of Digital Dudz Cyborg Shirt

Digital Dudz Cyborg Shirt

Love to freak out strangers you pass on the street? Really, who doesn’t? Lucky for you we’ve got something that can do just that, passer byers are sure to be spooked when you are rocking a shirt that stares them down. I mean can you think of anything...

Image of Digital Dudz Cyclops Shirt

Digital Dudz Cyclops Shirt

Once in a while you come across a picture that seems to be looking back at you, so realistic that its gaze appears to actually follow you as you move. On the front of this Digital Dudz Cyclops Shirt, you have just such an image. You download a free app...

Image of Digital Dudz St. Patrick's Day Shirt

Digital Dudz St. Patrick's Day Shirt

Need a shirt that's a little more than meets the eye? This St. Patrick's Day t-shirt has a little pocket ready for your smartphone! All you have to do is get the App from Digital Dudz and you're ready to roll out to the party.

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