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Fotokite PRO Aerial Filming Drone

Safe operation Control framing with low-latency Full HD visual feedback Allows for control of tether length, position, and framing Motorized spool for tether length & tension control Self-contained system not relying on GPS or radio signal Camera not included The Fotokite PRO Aerial Filming Drone is a unique, lightweight tethered flying camera system. It is designed for reliable and safe flight with a quick setup-to-shot ready time. Thanks to unique patent-pending technology, the Fotokite may be launched in seconds (cold-start) without calibration, radio checks or waiting for GPS lock. Once in the air, tether length, vehicle position and camera direction can be adjusted intuitively from the ground station. A live low latency uncompressed Full HD video downlink enables effective framing and live broadcast using an external HDMI or SDI port. The tether provides a safe, intuitive way to fly. The visible, load-bearing physical link allows clear visual accountability for bystanders and property owners. Delivered in compact, carry-on cases, both the Fotokite Phi and the Fotokite Pro are built for immediate operational use. They can be flown by a novice after only 5min of training. Thanks to the physical tether, Fotokite is more an intelligent kite than a drone. It is welcomed by safety experts as a safe, more reliable way to access aerial perspectives. A specialty of the Fotokite Pro: the tether is used to supply power from the ground, allowing the user to fly for hours. Flight is sustained as long as power is provided from the ground. A smart onboard backup power system guarantees safe landing if ground power is interrupted. Features: Safety: Permanent physical connection to the Fotokite Patent pending, GPS- & wireless-free interaction and control Integrated fail-safe modes & startup checks Main and backup battery status with audible & visual alarms Load-bearing tether guarantees physical safety Power over Tether: Fly the Fotokite Pro for hours with power from the ground Live Video Downlink: Uncompressed, low-latency, Full HD video stream (HDMI + visual preview) Simultaneous onboard recording Usability: Ready to fly in a mobile protective rolling case Immediate deployment (no GPS, radio checks, etc.) Self-charging backup battery and system-powered camera Extended Flight Time: 30-40 min on single ground battery Unlimited with plug-in power option Intuitive Control: Flies like a kite: no piloting skills necessary Lightest-in-class system: 620 g / 1.37 lb (Takeoff weight including camera) Portable Packaging: Compact, yet rugged packaging Built for single-person operation and transport

Price: $8500.00 from RobotShop

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